My message to the Club - Upon this Rock.

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My message to the Club - Upon this Rock.

Postby Nick68 » Sun Apr 27, 2014 10:47 am

‘”Upon this Rock” is the motto of Peterborough Utd. I found quiet inspiring when I noticed it while reading the ‘Football League Paper’ this morning.
The motto is part of a club crest that identifies with the town of Peterborough and the surrounding area.

Next to this crest was that lion, that meaningless piece of corporate nothingness that identifies with Microsoft and poor senior management decisions.

This past couple of weeks the Club has talked about installing a winning mentality along with a root and branch review of the playing side of the Club. Today I read the Graham Westley column in the above paper and he mentioned players playing for the shirt and being grateful for the chance.

He may have written about an old football cliché, but the shirt identifies with the club, it bears our colours, badge, history and heritage.

The badge is the most important part of that shirt. The Loggerheads, the loop of the river, Floreat Salopia this is our version of “Upon this Rock”.
Upon rocks strong foundations are built, rocks last for centuries it suggests strength and meaning, as does a strong identity.

Let’s start the root and branch review by changing the badge to something that reflects who we are as a football club, the area we are from, a reflection of our past and what we want to become.

This is my challenge to the Club. You have issued an apology, which in my humble opinion is what you think we wanted to hear and which we knew already.

The Club’s credibility is low, with me it’s non – existent your words and apology are meaningless to me. Change the badge and you will go some way to resorting faith.

And I’ll start buying stuff from the shop again.
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