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Ticket Office

PostPosted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 4:29 pm
by phillshrew
Being a season ticket holder I dont have to deal with the ticket office too often, but I had the unfortunate need for their services in the lead up to the Portsmouth game.

I was bringing my girlfriend with me to the Portsmouth game and wanted to register her with a supporter number and buy her a ticket. As i am surrounded by season ticket holders where I sit I also needed to move my seat so that we could be sat together.

We were first served on the far left counter at the ticket office by a young girl who registered my gf as a new supporter. When I explained about the need to move my season ticket seat for one game and buy an adjacent seat she wasn't sure how to do this (she first tried to charge me for my moved seat) so we were passed along to the next window, where an older lady (not old, just older) passed us on down the line again to an older chap who was allegedly most able to deal with our confusing request. (bearing in mind chelsea tickets were on sale at the time there was a bit of a queue and we had to request people move aside to allow us to be pushed further down the row).

I explained to the chap behind the glass that we had just registered a new supporter, although as yet we hadn't been told the supporter number. This was still scribbled down on the pad of the first girl who served us. I wanted to move my seat to somewhere where I could buy a seat next to it for my gf to sit by me, using her number to buy the ticket. This was explained in about three different ways before we were understood. We were told that there were 2 seats together a bit further down my usual row (Row Q) so we went for those. Firstly, my seat was moved. Then we purchased the second ticket. Again we had to explain about the new supporter number being with his colleague at the other end of the ticket office. We think we are understood until we notice through the glass that the ticket has the supporter number and name of a Mr T (dont want to give out peoples info but I still have the ticket as proof). My gf said to the man that, as we explained, the ticket needed to be in her name and supporter number. We were told to take that ticket and the loyalty points would be moved over to her number. We have no idea if this has been done and still dont actually know what her supporter number is!

We take our tickets, mine is for seat 22 and the gf's is seat 23 so we think all is well.
On match day, we arrive and walk out into the stands and look to double check our seats. My gf says "So we are on row S today then". I cant believe this so I check her ticket. We were sold seat 22 on row Q and seat 23 on row S !

We hover nervously around seats 22 and 23 in row Q hoping that maybe someone wont turn up, but someone with tickets in each of the seats next to ours in row Q and S turn up.
So we have to sit in separate rows. Not ideal for a lady who is a relatively new supporter, made to sit by herself amongst a group of blokes.

You may well argue that we should have checked our tickets more thoroughly before the game but we really didnt expect to be on the receiving end of such a balls up.
For us to be sold a ticket in someone elses name in a different row when we clearly stated numerous times that we wanted to sit together (why else would I need to move my season ticket seat) seems incompetent at best.

As this is the questions to the club section my question is; how can this happen and what do you intend to do about it?

Re: Ticket Office

PostPosted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 9:38 am
by phillshrew
Well this is a useful forum to interact with the club.
I can see why this site has died a death.


Re: Ticket Office

PostPosted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:30 pm
by phillshrew
Just in case anyone is reading this (from the club or supporters), once STFC received the message (sent direct in the end) they dealt with it quickly and very satisfactorily.