steel shutter doors to increase away capacity

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steel shutter doors to increase away capacity

Postby dand77 » Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:46 pm

Now one or two may be annoyed at this suggestion but its certainly one which could be used in certain situations. In the west stand we have two sets of buffets and toilets. Some steal shutters exactly like what was seen at Southampton, Stoke, Derby and Middlesbrough in recent seasons would solve our away capacity shortage for big games like Sheff United, Walsall and upcoming fixture Portsmouth. The club has lost out on thousands of pounds this season becuase of that. It wouldn't take a lot of changing around especially if people with season tickets in blocks 18 and 19 get told in advance and before ticket details are released for a particular game that for that they will have move to another unoccupied home area if away support is expected to be over 1500. If people are informed of this well in advance I see no problem and as a sth holder in 19 would happily move for the odd game if it ment the club made extra thousand for example we played sheff united and we were not to fill our home allocation like our recent encounter with them this season.
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Re: steel shutter doors to increase away capacity

Postby clive » Thu Apr 18, 2013 4:39 pm

the idea is ok but blocks 18 and 19 are the only blocks in the ground that give the town any vocal support in fact apart from these blocks you would be hard pressed to raise any support some thing the chairman manager and players were trying to encourage ,the ideal place for extra seating for visiting fans is blocks 1 and 2 which most games are nearly empty and it would give better access for away fans aswell as keeping the segrigation gate closed at the corner of the west stand 500 port vale or wolves fans walking out of blocks 18 and heading to the exit gate with the home fans is a recipe for trouble . ..blocks 1 and 2 would serve the purpose well and you could also charge visiting fans more in line with other fans sat in the east stand .
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