Pre Season Tickets Prices

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Pre Season Tickets Prices

Postby dand77 » Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:59 pm

Now if we had been playing Manchester United first team or Wolves first team then I'd would have not have been writing this message as the admission prices would have been reasonable at just that. I however am grumbling at £15 to see Manchester United Youth along with £12 to see Wolves Youth is a rediculious and is a real sting by the club towards its own fans. Does the club want to keep its fans happy and coming in through the turnstiles because these prices are only for the gullable fans or the ones that have money to throw away. Fleetwood Town all be it they are one league below us only charge £8 for playing virtually an identicle Manchester United XI team we played last Sunday and as for Notts County, one league above us, possibly a bigger club than us they entertain Wolves first team tomorrow and it just £10 to get in. So £12 to watch Wolves youth or £10 to watch Wolves first team. Whoever sorts out the cost of pre season friendlies needs the head examined especially with the current finacial crisis in the world, are you trying to attract fans or keep them away? :(
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