MM appeals for less negativity

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MM appeals for less negativity

Postby zenfootball » Fri Sep 30, 2016 6:01 pm

whilst i feel MM seems more available to the fans and has worked hard to forge a bond with fans ,that is easy when your winning ,he deserve a lot of credit in getting us up and the way the team performed that season ,however we had a poor season last year , we are not pulling up trees this year and his recent interviews have at best been through rose tinted glasses ,if you go to matches and you see the team doing the same mistakes as a different squad did last year there will come a time when fans get fed up,i dont personally agree with booing you team or hurling insults at your own players, i do wonder if MM is feeling the heat ,personally i think cut out the schoolboy defensive errors and a few wins and fans will get off his case.i also think there was a lot of relief in the promotion season so possible some fans had unrealistic expectations last season and so he may be a victim of his own success

i thought it was the start of the end for paul simpson when we had a mixture of him criticizing fans and a team who where very poor.
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