how did Burton do it ?

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how did Burton do it ?

Postby zenfootball » Wed May 11, 2016 4:51 pm

so if we are do better we really need to do something different but what?
i really dont wont a repeat of what happened with Graham Turner ,
so what do we need?
our defense leaked like a sieve towns goal difference - 21 Burtons + 22 the third best in the division ,MM has talked about strengthening our defense ,we should also look how the team is coached as town have made the same errors all season.

we have a number of reports stating that town was the 9th best funded team this year.
in contrast Burton wage bill of TWO AND HALF MILLION pounds( according to the mail) is cited as one of the lowest wage bills in league one!!!
they have had back to back promotions so something is working.

MM is looking to get League one experienced players ... ing-spree/

my personal frustration is since we have moved we have not had a sustainable spine of a team , instead we have a yearly revolving door and i dont get a feel that the club seem to have a realistic vision of how the club is to progress, 60 % of Walsall first team have been with them for more than 3 years ,we have one player.
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