FIFA to ban emergency loans from 2014

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FIFA to ban emergency loans from 2014

Postby Matt_ » Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:13 pm


Long standing members of this forum will know i'm not in any way a fan of the 'emergency loan' system. It's not an emergency loan system with clubs regularly abusing it to strengthen their squads, it's an emergency loan system in name only and not used to address real emergency situations for the most part. I don't have any problem with genuine emergency loans, but when a club loans out a player and then brings in another in the same position as an emergency loan it becomes farcical.

That said, to ban it completely is yet another really poor decision from FIFA who continue to show how out of touch they are with the game, particularly at our level. Although their comments about canvasing opinion about the transfer window, which is ridiculously applied at our level, is potentially some better news.

If this goes through, the transfer windows remain in place and the Elite Performance Programme changes go through it's a huge kick in the teeth from all angles for lower league clubs. :|
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