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MR Chairman

Postby Dawleyshrew » Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:11 pm

I have been a Shrewsbury Town supporter for well over 30 years,been through a lot in those years,taken the rough with the smooth,seen some good managers with no money to spend,seen some c**p managers with money to spend,so when a manager who has had more than most,playing in a decent stadium, serves up the dross we've seen in the last four games has nerve to complain about the boo's and jeering,what does he expect? polite applauding !!then come to the media and verbal insult and attack the fans,well mr chairman if you had bad service and dross food served in your posh sovergin suite and plush hotel? what would you do ? sack them ? or put up with it and hope it gets better[i think not] At least give us a aplogy for what that clown said to the media,that is if you give a damm about us...the supporters.
Ian please pass this on,if the chairman does need read this board
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